i Lina'la Guma Taotao Tano' *Bundle Sets Available*

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"I Lina'la Guma Taotao Tano" is an historical journey of (7) seven generations of Chamorros beginning in 1983 to present, encompassing 3,000 + who persevered in the re-establishment of the Chamorro dance as we see it now. The journey continues with the foundation in place for the continuity of the traditional practice of "Bailan Chamorro" that was lost for over 300 years, due to colonization.

The author, Frank Rabon, the 1st recognized "Master of Chamorro Dance" through his years of research and dedication re-created and re-established the traditional practice of "Bailan Chamorro", that truly represents the Chamorro history, and their way of life, through the artistry of Guma Taotao Tano'.

Established in 1983, (38) thirty-eight years ago, Guma Taotao Tano' became the catalyst in establishing the traditional practice of "Bailan Chamorro". With the formulation of Guma Taotao Tano - meggai na Guma Man Baila (Chamorro Cultural Dance Houses) were established.